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The ‘Shillong’ album was recorded at the Springboard Studios, in Shillong, in the year 2004/’05 and released in April 2005.It was recorded and mixed on a Roland VS1680 and was mastered by Bari Khonglah at his Basement Studios here in Shillong. The musicians at the time were Manas Chowdhury on Bass, Sam Shullai on Drums with Tip’s singing 7 of the 10 songs. Rudy played all guitars, keyboards and sang on two of the songs. He also wrote and arranged all the songs on the album. A video for the song “I AM” was televised on MTV and VH1 India  and is on Youtube as well. SHILLONG was the first ever Blues album produced and released  by an Indian Blues band.



‘Moving On’ was also recorded at the Springboard Studio but this time the mix was done at Bari Khonglah’s Basement Studios and Mastered by Tyrone Fernandes in Mumbai. Sonically, this album was an improvement on the first and the album included a few songs like  ‘Cup Of Tea’ and ‘Your Sweet Loving’ , displaying the band’s R’n’B and Soul influences besides the Blues. The musicians on this album were Sam Shullai on drums, Shaun Morehead Nonghulo also on drums, Ferdy Dkhar on Bass and  Leon Wallang on Rhythm guitar. Tips sang on 7 songs and played rhythm guitar on a few of them as well. Rudy wrote and arranged all the songs on this album as well. The album was produced by Soulmate and  released by Blue Frog Records in 2009 at The Blue Frog in Mumbai.



After the release’s of the first two albums, a lot of our fans told us that though the songs were really good, the recordings did not capture the energy of the band like our live performances did. So we decided that we should do the recording in a studio that was big enough for the whole band to record together, performing ‘Live’ and capturing that feel . That’s when Shantanu Hudlikar, chief recording engineer at Yash Raj Studios in Mumbai, stepped in and offered to record the album for us. He was as interested and excited  as we were to get the songs down the way they should be recorded. This album has that ‘Feel’ and ‘Energy’ of a Soulmate gig! Shantanu co produced the album with us. Tips also wrote 4 of the 10 songs on the album while one song was a cover of Mahalia Jackson’s  “Nobody But You,Lord”.  It was mastered by Chris Athens in Austin,Tx.  ‘Ten Stories Up’ was released in 2013 at the Mahindra Blues Festival in Mumbai.

The musicians were  Debashish ‘Debu’ Bannerji on drums; Leon Wallang on Bass; Karan Joseph on Electric Piano; Dan Brown on Hammond Organ; Raveen Panday on Hammond Organ; Tips on Vocals and Rhythm guitar; Rudy on Guitars and vocals.